Friday, April 27, 2018

Happy #Arborday


Great! I love trees!
I live amongst trees-the woods as my dad called them and they are my friends!

I would like to think that the trees around our home, help to keep our air a bit cleaner than it would be in our neighborhood, that is near to an AF base.
Today is one of those awesome Spring days when the trees start showing baby leaves! You know that wonderful chartreuse, that whisper of green….. 

Today I am in gratitude for the Winter sky that has amazed me
So clear and full of stars and moon. 

Now, I will enjoy the shade that our trees offer throughout the Summer.
I can see that the trees are awake and struttin their stuff, ready to roll. 

I wish us, the birds, animals, weeds and bugs a season with the nutrients that we all need to live well and prosper!

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