Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Friends, Have you have been hearing the inflammatory conversation on the impacts of the arts in our communities? What planet are these guys on? Look around, the arts bring economic benefits to ALL of our towns and cities.

Preaching to the choir? Please take a moment to support the funding proposed in President Obama's stimulus package for the National Endowment for the arts.
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In my professional life the NEA is the org that gets the big bucks and re-grants to the states and counties and orgs. It is crucial to the livelihood of today's working artists. Especially those who focus on education and building communities!
Thanks for the support

Monday, January 26, 2009

Summer Workshop Schedule is begining to shape up!

This Summer 2009, I will again be working with young artists in Howard county at HOCO arts! For the last four years I have had a blast with the totally creative students at the center. I am offering two one week workshops in August. Some pics from last Summer's artwork.

Check out the schedule on their website.