Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Schmitt Camp Compass Rose mural project Nature quest 2017

Everyone in PGPS comes to visit Camp Schmitt in 5th grade. And this has been true for years. I have mentioned the place to grown folks who remember their experiences there.

Summer 2017 is the first year of a partnership between PGCPS and PG Parks around a theraputic recreation experience for young people up to age 21 who attend North/Central and South county programs.

I was asked by PGParks to serve as project artist on a ground mural project. It was an ambitious project as the site was a mess and it was also quite large. 20ft diameter.

This is what it looked like 3 days before the 3 days that I had to get it done.
There was a core group of participants for whom the camp was home base and with whom I worked each day. In addition the was a bus load of additional participants who came out each day.
For this project I designed the mural image in accordance with the desires of the PGParks and Camp Schmitt folks and with a scant idea of the skill level of our participants.

The staff at the camp got rid of the plants that were growing in the cracks and primed the mural area and we were ready for the project. The participants were awesome!

Everyone got into it and by the end of the week, with lots of help from the Schmitt staff, PGParks' Stewart Seal and artist Bonnie Simmonds we got it done! Absolutly beautiful! Each day there were folks who were so excited to be painting....outdoors and right there on the ground! Job well done by all!