Friday, February 23, 2018

Papermaking with plant fibers in Delray Beach FL Feb 2018

I’m in Florida, wearing flops, sunhats and tanks! 
I am so happy and appreciative to be visiting my dear friend Marcie this year. Here is a synopsis of my creative goings on and a picture of the results of my work so far. 
Pineapple leaf paper-won't come off of the mold though.
These pineapple leaves were so generously donated by The Boys Market here on Military Trail.

How did I make this lovely pineapple paper? Well, my creative goal this year, while I am in Florida is to create some new sculptural charms with local plant fiber and I’m already at it. 

Here is a photo of the homegrown lemongrass that I planted in Marcie’s front yard last winter. The plant, I have been told was taller than 5ft and just as much around. It was trimmed back just before I arrived and the trimmings were saved for my use. So I soaked the grass in water and boiled it for way too long (12 hrs).

To be continued