Monday, April 16, 2018

Future Facing Art and Poetry: Sparks that Connect

This is a proposal that Poet Hiram Larew and I have submitted to Montpellier Art Center for an exhibition in their library gallery. Our vision is to weave together two distinct disciplines with multiple thematic inter-sections to explore and create.

Our recipe: 
First take Hiram's amazingly visual poetry!

Looking up seems early
I’m going to slip outside as soon as
sprigs poke and fences shine
Scout about until you wave me in for breakfast
I’m going to lean into my wishes
Because this is the nickel time of spring
When legs seem longer.

There are better ways of learning
Ways as ready as your bird box
There are better people
Ones who get polished by the wind
And there are better seeds
The kind that wait a year or two.

But it’s hard to wait when everything is curling
When time slips through curtains to let us know
That this chance is more than our pillows
It’s quicker than that
It’s kind of like our neighbor
Who slides a box of kale starts
Onto the porch first thing
Chuckling not to wake us.

And mix in, until well blended my own paintings and installations,

Cook til seared on the outside and pink on the inside. 
While hot layer with movement, sounds and color. Serve immediately!

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