Friday, May 11, 2018

Gratitude Garden-What Art Offers

   This past weekend I had the first of four Gratitude Garden 2018 Events. 
   Our subject was MIXED MEDIA SELFIES!
We took a great garden tour, and I realized that I do have a lot of medicinal plants at Gratitude Garden. One new member of the garden plant family is Borage!                             I scored some seeds, from Carlos' garden last September while I visited his home in Montara CA

Borage also known as Starflower is a beautiful flowering plant that grows in the wild in the Mediterranean. It is cultivated and used widely throughout Europe for its healing properties and for a nice addition to a salad. Borage is also cultivated in the US, where it is more popular as an herbal supplement rather than a food product. The leaves are robust and have medicinal properties and the topper of the plant is a striking blue star shaped flower hence the name. The flowers are edible as well and are often found candied for cake decorations or made into sweet syrups. In Italy it is served as a side dish much like a serving of vegetables.

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