Thursday, March 23, 2017

I’m so glad that you stopped by Caryl’s Art Happenings!

Hello beautiful people,  
As you may know, this Artist with a Purpose has just returned to      Maryland from 2 months in Florida learning so much while co-creating Community Garden Art projects!                         

What a blessing-to co-create in Farmworker communities around 
our commonality LOVING MOTHER EARTH!                                                    


My time with the Farm Workers Association of Florida-La Asociacion Campesina de Florida this Winter has been amazing, while visioning our project there was a lot of Sharing Stories about gardening in our families, ancestry and our current practice.

I traveled South right after the Women's March to visit four distinct Farmworker communities in Pierson, Fellsmere, Homestead and Apopka. 


FWAF has co-created community gardens at each site engaging their community in a cooperative model. This is very important, especially because often communities live in classic food deserts.  
Yes, I did say that the people who grow our food live in food deserts! 

The gardens are a labor of love by all who participate. I was honored to work with those who love nature as I do and were open to creative action. There was so much wisdom about the plants, the land and water, the animals and birds, insects….you get the idea.

More pics and stories to follow....
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