Monday, February 8, 2016

The Allentown Splash Park Water Tank Community Mural "Coral Reef"

The Allentown Splash Park Water Tank was an outstanding site for a aquatics themed community mural. I was so excited when the MNCPPC invited me to create an artwork in collaboration with the centers community.
At the Splash Park there is a large active community in place, The Elite Rays. They are a community of young swimmers and their families that are committed to excellence.
We shared about 8 sessions, the first two were focused on concept and design and the final 6 workshops focused on working together, to create and actualize this 40ft x 5 ft round mural.

For me as the project artist, high points were during the collaborative painting process where multidisciplinary learning was in serious action. Drawing to scale, mixing colors, communicating ideas yada yada yada!

The Rays stepped up to the project with great interest and skills. Parents were also actively involved throughout the process.

See pics of project process.

Our greatest assets on this project were Stewart Seal who put the project together, Nancy Weiman who provided the tank, artists Larry Jones and Alpha Bruton, and our awesome volunteers Korey and Ashley who I want to thank for sharing their creativity!

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