Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Repurposing invasives


This crown is created by Larry Jones out of Oriental Bittersweet vine.

Identifying and gathering invasive plant materials was a big part of our activities during the two weeks with that the PG county Summer Youth Employment crew worked on Listen.  

Stephanie Jacobs at the Patuxent River Park gave us a look at the park’s forest area and showed us many excellent examples of invasive plants and the ways in which they are affecting the local environment. Thanks Stephanie!

We learned that invasive plants:                                              
Produce large numbers of new plants each season.
Tolerate many soil types and weather conditions.
Spread easily and efficiently, usually by wind, water, or animals.
Grow rapidly, allowing them to displace slower growing plants.                 
Spread rampantly when they are free of the natural checks
and balances found in their native range.
For more info- MD invasive plants

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